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Here at the Nali Sauce Store we want to share in the wonder that is the best chilli sauce in the world.  Until now, it has been unavailable outside it's home country, Malawi.  But it's all going to be ok, because now you can get your hands on a bottle or six for yourself!

As of October 2013, this online store is the only place that we know of outside Malawi that you can buy Nali Sauces.

Here you won't find a bunch of ads, lists of un-related products, or links to dodgy websites.  Why?  Because all we do is sell Nali Sauces - nothing more, nothing less.



Nali's range of sauces are produced and packaged in Blantyre, Malawi.



About the Store

This store was set up to offer Nali Sauce to the world.  We firmly believe that it's one of the best in the world, whether you call it chilli sauce, hot sauce, peri-peri sauce, whatever!

It's taken the best part of three (that's right, 3!) years to bring this to you.  And you know what?  With all the trials and tribulations along the way, it's been worth it.


Where to next?

At this stage, Nali Sauces are only available online.  We plan to introduce the sauce to gourmet retailers in Australia in the near future.

Recent Updates