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3 unattainable things in life...well, except #3


Everyone has some things that they want and can't have. Some of these things are common among us, but each of us has something unique that we yearn for - but know that we can't quite have. Here at the Nali Sauce Online Store, we've narrowed it down to three things that are seemingly unattainable in life.

1. Eternal youth

Good health. Energy. Vitality. Good looks. What is not to like about the idea of eternal youth? No more claims of "before I am 30 I will...". No more fear of mortality. Just good times, lasting memories and exuberance galore.

2. Marrying Brad Pitt or Angeline Jolie

Well, for starters, they're married to each other. But in any case it's unlikely that us mere mortals are going to make the shortlist if either ever did start looking again.

3. Nali Sauce

It's from Malawi (how many of your friends can find that on a map?). It's the best chilli sauce there is. But it always seems out of reach. You can't get it in shops and if you're lucky enough to have friends or family travelling to Malawi you'd be hard pressed to pry it out of their hands if they do bring it back for you. Even here at the Nali Sauce Online Store we've had trouble getting hold of the stuff. Logistics in Africa do not work as smoothly as you hope, but about as efficiently as you would expect. 

But never fear - we've solved #3. At last Nali Sauce is back in stock on the Nali Sauce Online Store! The full range is now available once again. As an added bonus you get more bang for your buck: the bottle size has increased to 175mL.

So what are you waiting for? Head to the store, pick your favourite variety and we'll get it on it's way to your door! And don't forget to tell your friends or tweet to the world.


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