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A New Sauce of Life for Chickens in Malawi

When was the last time you improved the health of a chicken by using chilli sauce? Nali Sauce is a unique and fiery range of chilli sauces hailing from Malawi, a small land-locked and impoverished country in central east Africa. Philanthropy is an integral part of importing and selling Nali Sauces.  As well as contributing to the [...]

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A new favourite - Nali Steak Braai

You might think that Nali Sauces only come in the normal varieties (you know, Hot, Mild and Gold).  An easy mistake - in Malawi it is much more commen to find the 'Hot' variety than anything else. But for those thrillseekers among you, there is a whole new world of flavour and heat waiting for you!  [...]

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Hot Off the Press

That's right - Nali Sauces are now available to buy for the very first time worldwide.  As at the time of writing, there is no where else in the world outside of Malawi that you can get hold of this fantastic and until now hidden gem!  It's taken three (that's right, 3!) years of research, [...]

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