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Christmas Shipping



It's that time of the year.  If you're anything like most of us here at the Nali Sauce Online Store, you're too caught up in a multitude of other things and the gift buying gets left to the last minute!!

That's why we're here to help with the perfect gift for that special someone who loves it hot and spicy.  And there's only one Nali Sauce in the world (and, only one place to get it online) and you know that it's going to make a great gift.

To make sure you and your friend or family member aren't disappointed this Christmas, we're letting you know the dates for our Christmas shipping arrangements.

We rely on regular postal services (not couriers) so we can't absolutely guarantee that things will go how we want, but we can try to work with it. So we'll work to the following timeline, regardless of your location.

Order DateShips from our WarehouseNormal Postage AvailableExpress Postage Available
Up to 11 DecWithin 48 HoursYesYes
12 - 16 DecWithin 24 HoursNoYes

Christmas orders must strictly close on Wednesday 16 December.  Any order received after that date will not be shipped until the New Year.

From all of us here at the Nali Sauce Online Store, we wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season - wherever you are in the world!

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#99bottlesofsauce...the November only Promo!

It's November, and we're running a #99bottlesofsauce promo.  It's simple, really.  The order with the 99th bottle of sauce in it will get their order refunded (excluding shipping).Here's the fine print: The promotion is open to all customers, new and oldMaximum of 10 bottles free (i.e. you can't order 99 bottles all at once!)The order will [...]

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3 unattainable things in life...well, except #3

Everyone has some things that they want and can't have. Some of these things are common among us, but each of us has something unique that we yearn for - but know that we can't quite have. Here at the Nali Sauce Online Store, we've narrowed it down to three things that are seemingly unattainable [...]

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It’s Fun to be First

Be honest, we all like to be first. It doesn't matter if we are playing a match in the park, running a foot race or having a go at getting that special product. We all long for that moment of victory when we know we were the best. It is just part of how we humans [...]

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A World in Crisis: Where has the Chilli Sauce Gone

There is a major crisis brewing in our world and most people don't even realise it. No, we're not talking about the seeming increase in earthquakes and super-storms ravaging the planet (though that is also very serious). This is a crisis that strikes much deeper into the heart of civilization itself. Brace yourself: there is [...]

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Honorary Consul of Malawi in Australia gets behind Nali Sauce

We love Nali Sauce...and we’re happy to say so…Nali Sauce is an African success story; it's a family business operating to the same exacting standards set forth by its founder, Alford Nalilo Khoromana, more than 50 years ago. Set up in Limbe, where it still operates today, Nali Limited is probably the best known “home [...]

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What does $500 do for chickens in Malawi?

As you will know, here at the Nali Sauce Online Store we're keen to give back to the country that produces this wonderful, unique hot sauce.  Our partner organisation in this effort is the National Rural Poultry Centre, Malawi (NRPC).  With a stated aim of empowering, educating and motivating individuals and communities, NRPC contributes to socio-economic development [...]

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​Hot Sauce… like people, come in many ‘varieties.’

                                                   As we’ve discussed previously, hot sauce has been around since the beginning of time, enhancing flavors and bringing the heat! We’ve experienced our fair share of taste sensations and have realized, where [...]

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Re-purposing your empty Nali Sauce bottles.

What do you do when you run out of that wonderful Nali Sauce? Do you weep quietly over the empty bottles or do you put in your re-order, and find ways to re-purpose those cute bottles? Well, if you are tossing them, you are doing a disservice to the environment and to your own creative energy. Let's get to it shall we?We can start [...]

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Experience the best chilli sauce the world has to offer

Photo credit: USAID/Neil Thomas Go to Malawi and you will meet the most kind, generous, and happy people in the world. Sit down to eat, and experience Nali Sauce first hand and you’ll be hooked. We’ve brought Nali Sauce out of Malawi and into the hands of the international consumer. It’s easily the most flavorful, amazing sauce you will ever [...]

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