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A World in Crisis: Where has the Chilli Sauce Gone


There is a major crisis brewing in our world and most people don't even realise it. No, we're not talking about the seeming increase in earthquakes and super-storms ravaging the planet (though that is also very serious). This is a crisis that strikes much deeper into the heart of civilization itself. Brace yourself: there is presently a shortage of the world's greatest chilli sauce - Nali Sauce.

I know this may be hard to believe, but the one condiment that adds spice to our lives and keeps our culinary fires burning is in short supply. How did this happen? Simple, the demand has been so great that it flat out paced the available supply.

You have to understand, Nali Sauce isn't just some, run-of-the-mill mixture of vinegar and ground peppers. The Nali Sauce family of peri-peri sauces is a one of a kind collection of products that is only produced by one company, in one plant in the small country of Malawi. Every ingredient is locally grown and processed with an eye for quality over quantity. You have to remember that it took over three years just to get the first shipment out. The fact that we here at the Nali Sauce Online Store invested so much time tells you just how good this chilli sauce is.

There is hope though. While we are completely sold out (and no you're not touching our private stock), we have made new arrangements that should guarantee a steady supply for the next few months. It should be here and available to you by the end of July and if this isn't good enough news, with a little luck you will also be able to find it on your local gourmet grocers shelves.

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