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What does $500 do for chickens in Malawi?

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Dr Pat Boland

As you will know, here at the Nali Sauce Online Store we're keen to give back to the country that produces this wonderful, unique hot sauce.  Our partner organisation in this effort is the National Rural Poultry Centre, Malawi (NRPC).  With a stated aim of empowering, educating and motivating individuals and communities, NRPC contributes to socio-economic development of resource poor families.  The do this through advancing village poultry health and production; helping to prevent and control diseases of poultry; and acting as an information centre on rural poultry.

We are proud to announce that we are ready to make our first donation under our Chilli for Chickens program to the NRPC, totalling $500 (Australian Dollars).  Dr Pat Boland (shown right) has contributed a small note about what this donation will do.

With assistance from the Nali Sauce Online Store (www.nalisauce.com), the National Rural Poultry Centre in Malawi is bringing benefits to farmers in rural Malawi. To date, NRPC has gained some $500 from sales of this delicacy manufactured only in Malawi. 

The proceeds will go towards assisting Malawian farmers through support for rural poultry.

With just these funds, NRPC will be able to assist literally hundreds of farmers through things like vaccination programs, extension support and training. We will do that by employing a volunteer assistant to assist the work program. The potential is enormous. Malawi has a population about 70% of Australia's and the vast majority are smallholder farmers on the land. Most families raise what we would call backyard chickens and they are a crucial part of their livelihoods.

We look forward to helping the NRPC with further donations, with $1 from each bottle purchased heading their way.

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