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Experience the best chilli sauce the world has to offer

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Go to Malawi and you will meet the most kind, generous, and happy people in the world. Sit down to eat, and experience Nali Sauce first hand and you’ll be hooked. We’ve brought Nali Sauce out of Malawi and into the hands of the international consumer. It’s easily the most flavorful, amazing sauce you will ever delight your taste buds in experiencing.

Nali Sauce came about after Monica Kholomana Unyolo’s late husband, Nalilo, was on holiday in India. He tried a dish with the chilli, in the Peri- Peri style, and returned to Malawi with one goal in mind… to make a sauce better than the one he had tried and market it locally. His dream became a reality during 1974-1975.

Nalilo named the sauce ‘Nali’, a shortened version of his name and began creating numerous variations to the sauce which now is offered in seven flavors;Mild, Hot, Gold, Garlic, Ginger, Curry Masala and Steak Braai.

Because of the success of Nali Sauce, they are able to employ around 300 people locally and are supplied by 3000-4000 smallholder chilli farmers. They purchase the chillies at a fair price, unlike many of the other buyers in Malawi. This allows for Malawians to move from poverty to self-sufficient lives, with the main focus of sending their children to school.

As the popularity of Nali Sauces increases, many have requested the range internationally. That’s where we come in. It’s our goal to get this sauce to you, and to your taste buds!

On top of supporting a great business and country by buying their products, we have partnered with a great Malawian organization to spread the benefit even further. One dollar from each sale of Nali Sauce goes back to the NRPC (National Rural Poultry Centre) in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Purchase Nali Sauces today and know that you are not only experiencing a delightful taste sensation, you are changing the world… one bottle at a time.

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