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Honorary Consul of Malawi in Australia gets behind Nali Sauce

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Trent Smyth Consul

We love Nali Sauce...and we’re happy to say so…

Nali Sauce is an African success story; it's a family business operating to the same exacting standards set forth by its founder, Alford Nalilo Khoromana, more than 50 years ago. Set up in Limbe, where it still operates today, Nali Limited is probably the best known “home grown” brand in Malawi. Incidentally, when you next travel to Malawi be sure to make a stop by the Thyolo district - it’s a place of rich history, rolling hills and enchanting coffee and tea plantations; truly not to be missed.  Malawi is place bursting with rich culture.

From its humble beginnings in the early 1970’s with only a few chilli plants (bird's eye chilli to be precise) to today where it buys chillies from more than 3,000 small holder farmers, Nali has always maintained the same values. Put simply, to produce the highest quality and hottest chilli sauce in Africa.

I admit, I have not tried every chilli sauce in Africa, however, from the ones that I have tried, numbering more than a dozen, I can honestly say that Nali Sauce delivers on it’s promise of being Africa’s hottest. Newcomers to Nali please read on…the label on the bottle comes with a warning in English and Chichewa (Malawi’s native language) that reads, "Abale Samalani," which translates to “friends take care” sage advice...believe me!

Nali is the real deal. Every bottle of Nali Sauce is produced in Limbe and the proceeds and profits flow directly to the famers and the people that make this sensational product.

We are very proud and grateful that Nali Sauce is available in Australia and around the world for everyone to enjoy.

Consulate of Malawi - Australia

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