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​Hot Sauce… like people, come in many ‘varieties.’

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As we’ve discussed previously, hot sauce has been around since the beginning of time, enhancing flavors and bringing the heat! We’ve experienced our fair share of taste sensations and have realized, where you live often dictates your expectations of hot sauce.

In Mexico, Chipotles are the pepper of choice in most hot sauce. It’s definitely a pronounced flavor and tends to be more ‘smoky’ then hot.

You’ll find most hot sauces in the United States are made with peppers such as cayenne, chipotle, habanero and jalapeno. They are also made with more of a vinegar and salt base then what you’ll find globally.

Touring the West Indies, you’ll find your hot sauce infused with fruits and vegetables for added taste sensation. Like the United States, they commonly use the habanero but you’ll also experience the scotch bonnet there.

If you’re visiting China, get ready to experience the thick paste of sauce and you’ll be dipping or stir-frying with it. You’ll find it on all tables and it’s used as often as ketchup is used in the United States.

Two of the hottest chilis in the world are found in the United Kingdom; naga viper and infinity chili. These will bring the strongest man to his knees.

And the best hot sauce in the world was discovered and brought back to Australia by way of South Africa, Malawi (and Portugal). It’s the almighty Peri Peri sauce and you know it’s our favorite. Nali Sauce is the most versatile ‘hot’ sauce you’ll find on the market today, with uses from dipping to stir-frying and marinades. It’s got a taste like no other; with a fresh flavor that blends well while elevating your culinary experience.

But don’t trust us… get your own. You’ll find that while the globe offers a variety of hot sauce, there is only one Nali Sauce and it’s the very best. 

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