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It’s Fun to be First


Courtesy of nist6dhBe honest, we all like to be first. It doesn't matter if we are playing a match in the park, running a foot race or having a go at getting that special product. We all long for that moment of victory when we know we were the best. It is just part of how we humans are put together, as natural as sleeping when we're tired and eating when we're hungry.

For those of us who walk in the foodie world, that moment of victory is when we can pull out a new discovery, look at our friends and say "What? You don't know about _______? Don't tell me you have never tried it. Where have you been?" For travelers and foodies in general this is equivalent to wi

nning a gold medal. For us this assures us of being the centre of attention as we explain where we found it, where it is from, what it is made of and why everyone should try it. Best of all, we know it will be talked about at other gatherings and our name will be forever attached to its discovery.

Nali Sauce can be that gold medal winner for you. Nali sauce is a peri-peri or chilli sauce originating in the central eastern African country of Malawi (see how many of your friends can find that on a map) and the sauce is found nowhere except its native country and nalisauce.com.

We have spent years making arrangements to bring this rare culinary jewel to the world, but the effort has been more than worth it. One taste of any of our seven varieties and you will be hooked for life. The only problem will be choosing which one you love best.

Unfortunately, our initial stock couldn't keep up with the great demand it generated and we sold out pretty fast. Take heart, though, we have hopefully solved these supply problems and should be back making deliveries by the end of July 2015. To make sure that you're the first of your friends to show off these delectable new condiments, sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know as soon as availability is restored. Like the old sayings go, "You never get a second chance to be first" and "second is the first loser".

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