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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you sell packs as well as single bottles?

There are three main reasons we sell packs:

  1. This sauce is awesome and you will want more than one
  2. When friends beg for a bottle, you'll have one to give them
  3. Shipping becomes more efficient for you

You can buy in lots of 2, 3, 5 or 7 (with a bonus bottle in the 7 pack!).  But you can always top up your pack with extra individual bottles!

How can I pay?

We use PayPal to process our payments, so you can pay using your PayPal account or by credit card.  If you like, the PayPal Express Checkout puts all of your details in for you using your PayPal account - just click the button that looks like the picture below from your shopping cart.


Where do you ship to?


How long will shipping take?

Shipping time varies by destination.  We find that it shouldn't take longer than 21 days in most cases.  If you are really worried, feel free to contact us.  But in the meantime, hold on tight because your sauce is on it's way!

Can I return my sauce?

Unfortunately, no.  However if your bottle arrives broken, you can contact us for a replacement.  See the Shipping info and T&Cs for more.

What do Nali Sauces go well with?

Everything!  Visit the Recipes & Uses page for ideas...

Is there anywhere else I can buy Nali Sauces?

As of July 2015, no where else in the world sells this sauce outside of Malawi (to our knowledge).  However we are working on getting the range into small, gourmet retailers in Australia.  A list of stockists will be posted when available.

Can I buy in bulk?

Yes, we will happily arrange a bulk order of up to 20 bottles for retail customers and more for wholesale customers.  This can be one variety or a mixture.  Please visit the Contact page to get in touch about pricing and shipping.

More questions?

If your question hasn't been answered, feel free to get in touch with us via the Contact page or at info@nalisauce.com.

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