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Here at the Nali Sauce store, we are very conscious of our impact on the environment and we want to make sure we do our bit to ensure a safe and sustainable future.  After all, each of us making a small effort builds up to a huge collective effort to preserve and improve the world around us.

The Sauce

Every part of your new bottle of sauce is recyclable (once you've used all the sauce, that is!).  The bottle is made of glass, the label is made from paper and the lid from plastic - all of which is recyclable in most countries.

Shipping and Packaging

We endeavour to use recycled or recyclable materials for all our packaging when shipping your Nali Sauce.  From the cardboard box to the newspaper filling, and even the string on the tag around the neck of the bottle - it's all perfect for recycling or even composting!  Unfortunately, there are some circumstances where we must use less than ideal packaging  (i.e. plastics) in order to ensure your sauce gets to your safely.

Behind the Scenes

The Nali Sauce store is run by a small team of dedicated people who are committed to keeping their footprint small.  

Energy consumption is kept to a minimum by doing simple things like using low-energy light bulbs, limited use of air conditioning and switching off computers and monitors over night.

Services that we use (such as postage and freight, printing, online services, etc) are selected in a way that minimises impact on the environment.  For example, printed marketing material is always on recycled or recyclable products from sustainable forestry sources, and print is with vegetable-based inks where possible.  Additionally, using cloud-based online services consolidates energy demand reducing the overall energy required compared with those services being hosted on site.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions, or even suggestions, for us regarding our efforts to operate in a way the encourages a sustainable future - please get in touch here.

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